Washington Against Nuclear Weapons (WANW) is a statewide coalition that aims to reduce and eliminate all components of the 1.7 trillion dollar rebuild of the US nuclear weapons arsenal. Our ultimate goal is to prevent nuclear war and abolish nuclear weapons worldwide.



nuclear weapons are present in our world.



of them belong to the United States and Russia.


$1.7 trillion

of the US budget is projected to be used towards building our nuclear stockpile over the next 30 years.

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Our coalition represents leaders in peace organizations, the labor movement, environmental groups, communities of color, faith groups, and health professionals. Given the current political landscape, we are working collaboratively to reduce and/or eliminate all components of the proposed rebuild of the US nuclear arsenal. To make this effort effective, we believe it is essential to build a diverse and united coalition of Washington organizations.

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New Clear News

Washington Against Nuclear Weapons Coalition’s satirical newspaper - the nuclear weapons news we wish was being reported!

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