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WWFOR Spring Assembly

  • Fauntleroy UCC Church 9140 California Avenue Southwest Seattle, WA, 98136 United States (map)

“Inspiring One Another to Continue Taking Steps Toward Justice and Peace”
Western Washington FOR’s 20th. Annual Spring Assembly
Saturday, April 14th., 2018, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

For the past 19 years, WWFOR has sponsored a day long get together to share information and help support and sustain each other in the ongoing journey of activism for greater justice and peace. This year we again will be gathering at Fauntleroy UCC Church, 9140 California Avenue, SW, West Seattle, for our 20th. annual get together on Saturday, April 14th. We intend to continue the feature of significant interactivity throughout the day.

Focus of the day’s theme and activities: As human beings, our immediate reaction to extreme stress is often to fight, flee, or freeze. For most of us, it is completely understandable that the current state of our country elicits one or more of these immediate actions. However, there is an alternative response: one that is more proactive, hopeful, empathic, and mindful. How can we get there, individu-ally and collectively, in a manner that is truly just for all? The 2018 Spring Assembly is focused on sharing information, tools, and mu-tual encouragement to continue working toward this goal.

The emphasis on mutual sharing and interactivity will begin with small group participation around the theme of “Inspiring One An-other…”
Workshops: There will be four, perhaps five workshops, 90 minutes each, including sharing of comments and questions. The various workshops will cover crucial topics such as environmental issues, nuclear weapons, Mindfulness and self-care for activists, one deal-ing with the bystander effect, and a workshop presented by the Mike Yarrow Peace Fellows.

Click here for Spring Assembly Schedule and Workshop Descriptions!


RESISTANCE TO NUCLEAR WEAPONS.  Elizabeth Murray and Glen Milner, members of the Poulsbo-based Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action ( — an affiliate of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons)  — will discuss the threat posed by nuclear weapons in the state of Washington, plans to “modernize” the nation’s nuclear arsenal, as well as the nuclear resistance activities of the Ground Zero Center.  The workshop will include time for Q & A, discussion of nonviolent action and ways the public can become involved in countering the possession and use of weapons of mass destruction in the United States.  Glen Milner is an anti-nuclear weapons activist and a researcher with the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action.  Elizabeth Murray is Member-in-Residence at the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in Poulsbo, WA.   Her opinion piece: “With Nuclear Submarines in our Backyard, Isn’t It Time To Give Peace a Chance?” was published in the Seattle Times on October 10, 2017.

FIGHTING ENVIRONMENTAL HOPELESSNESS.  “Fighting Environmental Hopelessness: How to Effectively Act, Reach Out, and Work Together. ” With several environmental problems feeling insurmountable before January 20, 2017, recent decisions by political powers now heading the country haver many of us feeling depressed and downright hopeless when faced with challenges surrounding climate change, water rights, and the like. This workshop focuses on how to fight environment apathy on an individual and institutional level, and examines ways and resources to help us all cooperatively push for positive change. Ashley Blazina, researcher in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington.

Please pre-register by Monday April 9;  this will help us plan. Click here to view or download flyer with pre-registration form.  However, do come to the Assembly even if you don’t register ahead of time. Suggested donation: $ 20.00. Do come, whatever you can pay. Lunch will be provided with the fee as well as luncheon music.

Sponsor: Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation: 206-789-5565.;, (send pre-registration info to WWFOR: 225 N. 70th. St., Seattle WA. 98103) We encourage car pooling